Contact Your Client  has a non-standard interface, is it hard to learn?

It’s obvious that Contact Your Client’s interface is not standard. This is not an oversight but a big plus. Definitely, Contact Your Client is easy to use, especially when considering that any additional learning curve for being “different” is going to be rewarded with hours of saved time when used. In other words, Contact Your Client is designed to speed and power and will be very easy to use once use it for the first week.

What is the maximum number of concurrent users (employees) I can have ?

If you use Contact Your Client on one computer you can have any number of agents as long as they don’t enter the program concurrently. To have more than one agent working concurrently, you must have a FileMaker Pro license for each agent. You can subscribe or purchase those licenses for very little cost at  In any case, you can have unlimited contacts and leads only limited by the space in your hard drive.

Can I use  Contact Your Client in-the-cloud?

Yes, Contact Your Client can be used in-the-cloud in spite of not being a web-based application. Contact Your Client is a Windows application but when used on a VPS (Virtual Private Server) will be in fact in-the-cloud and it could be accessed from  anywhere in the world and from any platform (Windows, Macs, Iphone, Ipad, Androids, etc) as long as you have an Internet connection. Because a VPS does not transfer data back and forth, like it happens with a web-based system, it is ultra fast whether you use it from your own computer or from a VPS (in-the-cloud.)

How does Contact Your Client compare to other CRM software?

Contact Your Client is a price performance leader. The main two reasons are, first, because it includes all those financial and marketing capabilities it replaces ten software of more saving you more. Also, because you can purchase it or pay by month to month, as opposed to be billed yearly, you get a much more affordable software whether you subscribe or buy it. Every other CRM software needs many add-ons just to attempt to have a fraction of the features in Contact Your Client with the level of integrated that can be only achieve when a software has been designed

Is it easy to transfer the data from my current CRM??

Yes. Contact Your Client has powerful import and mapping capabilities. As long as you can export your data to csv, excel and other formats (every popular CRM has this capability), you can import it into Contact Your Client.

What if I don’t need every feature of Contact Your Client?

Most CRMs have features that you may or may not use. Fortunately, Contact Your Client has different versions (Lite, Pro and Ultimate) so it is easier to learn. Plus, you won’t be outgrowing your system and can you can always expand your use as your business grows.